The only thing more rewarding than rescuing and healing pets is knowing many more pets can benefit from the knowledge we gain. We pioneer new treatments and research alternative methods of healing to help animals recover from chronic even "irreversible" conditions. 

 If your pet has one of the below conditions and you'd like to be part of our research project, please email the details of your pet's case. We do not offer veterinary advice, we can only share what has worked for animals in our care.  Our sharing of successful protocols is not a substitute for veterinary care. Your vet will perform exams and order diagnostic tests to ensure your pet is receiving proper care and benefiting from any therapy you choose to administer. 

Simple Solutions for Challenging Conditions

Feline Hyperthyroidism Resolved


Case Study Coming Soon

Heart Murmur Resolved


Case Study Coming Soon

Kidney Disease Resolved


Case Studies Coming Soon

Pancretitis Resolved


Case Studies Coming Soon

Dry Eye Resolved Without Drops


Case Studies Coming Soon

IVDD Long-term Remission


Case Study Coming Soon


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